About the book

In recent years, hundreds of companies have relocated to the Lone Star State.  They don't just move - they stay, grow, expand and tell others to come join them.  Why?  That is exactly what Ed Curtis reveals in Why Texas: How Business Discovered the Lone Star State.  His exclusive interviews with Texas greats offer often surprising insights on the professional and personal benefits of the state and what to look out for should you seek haven here.  Filled with Texas pride, economic insight, and helpful tips from over 18 businesses and entrepreneurs who have made the move to Texas, this is a must-read for anyone contemplating a move –or even a visit –to the Lone Star State.


Book Features

Dallas Stars


In 1993, the Minnesota North Stars relocated to Texas to become the Dallas Stars.  Jim Lites, Dallas Stars CEO, tells how it all worked out.

Toyota North America


Toyota North America moved its corporate headquarters to Texas in 2014.  Jim Lentz, Toyota NA CEO, explains the process and its success.



Did you know that 7-11 was founded in Dallas, Texas?  Their CEO, Joe DePinto, talks about his move from Chicago and the future of 7-11 in TX.

Kendra Scott


Jewelry store mogul Kendra Scott was born in Wisconsin and moved to Texas at 16 years old.  Hear about her journey to stardom in Texas.

Andy Roddick


Originally from Nebraska, Andy Roddick chose Austin for his home after winning the U.S. Open.  Now, his Foundation is Texas based too.

...Many more


Including world famous author Tim Ferriss, Fitness guru Larry North, Tracye McDaniel, Tom Markusic, Andreas Schultz and former Dallas Mayor Rawlings.

About the author

Ed Curtis Jr.

Born and raised in New York, Ed Curtis relocated to Dallas, Texas at the age of twenty-five and has happily lived in the Lone Star State ever since. Over more than twenty years as a Texas commercial banking executive, Ed witnessed an increasing number of clientele relocating their businesses into Texas.  As a result, he exited the banking industry to form YTexas.

In 2012, Ed traveled the world with Governor Rick Perry and his Office of Economic Development, assisting in the recruitment of companies interested in relocating or expanding their businesses into Texas.  In 2013, Ed founded and trademarked YTexas, an elite business network that helps support, promote and connect companies that are relocating and expanding into the Lone Star State. YTexas has become a turnkey, go-to resource for the most current insider information about Texas' community, commerce and culture.  

Ed recognized the need to unify the major regions in Texas and founded the YTexas Summit & Rēlo Awards Gala, two annual events that convene leading business executives from around the state. Ed is also the executive producer of the CEO Insider Podcast, where chief executives in Texas share insider perspectives on the global economy and up-to-the-minute news from the Texas corporate relocation mill.

Ed's ultimate vision is to build YTexas to national prominence and to replicate the program in states around the U.S.. Ed lives in Austin with his wife, Staci, and two children.